Shelby GT350 “Voodoo” V8 is Among Wards 10 Best Engines of 2016

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Wards 10 Best Engines of 2016


The 5.2-liter “Voodoo” V8 engine powering the new Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang has been named one of Wards 10 Best Engines of 2016. It was the only muscle car V8 to be featured on the list and marked the 28th time a Ford engine was honored by WardsAuto.

The Shelby GT350’s engine is derived from the previous-generation 5.0-liter “Coyote” V8, which also won Wards 10 Best Engines trophies in 2011 and 2012. This time around, the V8 features a six-speed manual transmission, old-school port fuel injection, and an 8,250 RPM redline for maximum goodness. Come over to Palmetto Ford and rev the thing—you’ll love it!

In fact, given that it doesn’t use forced induction, WardsAuto found it mightily impressive that the 526-horsepower V8 still managed to reach the 100 hp/L threshold.

“The Voodoo engine does everything well, from puttering around town to frightening small animals. WardsAuto editors consider it the pinnacle of internal-combustion engineering,” said Tom Murphy, WardsAuto editor.

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