Best Drive-In Theaters in South Carolina

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best drive-in theaters

There’s nothing like pulling up to the silver screen outside and watching it from the comfort of your vehicle. Nostalgia, great food at the concession stand, and a night out with loved ones make the experience of going to a drive-in unlike anything else. Unfortunately, the best drive-in theaters in South Carolina are all likely to be a decently long drive due to the fact that most of them have been closed or demolished. Still, for the experience, it is every bit worth the inconvenience.  If you’re headed from Charleston to any of these theaters, make a plan for a day trip with the family!

Monetta Drive-In Theater

This theater, about a two-hour journey away from Charleston, almost succumbed to a market shifting away from drive-ins when it was restored in 1999. It is free for anyone 11 and under, and $5 admission for anyone over the age of 11. Keep in mind this theater is only open on the weekends.

Hwy 21 Drive-In Theater

Even further away than Monetta, this Beaufort theater is about three hours away. This one’s impressive, as it expanded its capacity to 500 cars and runs every night, year-round. Weeknights are single features, while weekends are double features.

In conclusion, we’d like to give an honorary mention to the three best drive-in theaters that were once in Charleston, but were closed or demolished: Victory Downs Drive-In, Magnolia Drive-In, and 4-Mile Drive-In. The demand for these theaters may have diminished, but they’re still a great, fun novelty to enjoy with the family.

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