Ford Fusion ensures you are prepared for the big game

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In a new commercial released by Ford, it becomes apparent having the correct vehicle is essential to the perfect Super Bowl Sunday.

In the video, a man is carrying his newly-purchased 47-inch flat screen television, perfect for the big game. However, when he goes to put it in his Honda Accord, he finds it will not fit. Thankfully, he has a good friend that owns the 2013 Ford Fusion.

The 2013 Fusion offers more trunk space than both the Accord and the Toyota Camry at 16 cubic feet. The Fusion is the only car of the three that is features a full pass-through between the trunk and rear seats, allowing that 47-inch flat-screen TV to easily fit inside.

The Ford Fusion is available as a fuel-efficient sedan, Energi plug-in and Hybrid. Each has a variety of special features including Bluetooth capability, MyFord Touch technology system and Ford Sync system. The car is currently available at Palmetto Ford in Charleston, SC.

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