Ford Targets Gen Z

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Move over Generation Y (Millennials); the young, hip, fresh minds of today are Generation Z, and they are capturing the attention of marketing efforts from companies worldwide. The leading edge of Gen Z is turning 21, and that means there’s a whole group of these youngsters who’ve been driving for several years.

Gen Z has been described as incredibly tech savvy, highly entrepreneurial, maintains a social conscious, is aware of global issues, and has a need to help others.

“They do have a do-gooder streak,” says Connelly, Ford’s consumer trend and “futuring” manager. “Fifty-four percent are more likely to say they want to have an impact on the world.”

Now, Ford is jumping onboard, targeting this vibrant group of do-gooders with new products and advertising campaigns. According to USA Today, Ford plans to get in the game early with this generation. Previously, Ford targeted Millennials with vehicles like the entry-level Ford Fiesta subcompact, and maintained a presence in TV programming with the hit American Idol (you know, back in the Kelly Clarkson days).

Here at Palmetto Ford we are interested to see just how Ford targets Gen Z, and what it will mean for Ford vehicle sales. Stay tuned!

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