A Few Tips for a Happy National Battery Day

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The battery—it’s what gives life to your car! From starting the engine to working the lights, your car can’t live without it. In honor of this all-important feature, we wanted to draw attention to an important date (for your car that is)—February 18th, National Battery Day.

One thing these lead-acid dynamos hate is cold temperatures; and with temperatures still hovering around the 40s at night, the leading cause of winter breakdowns is a dead battery. Even in the south where the temperature stays above freezing, the use of car heaters and headlights tends to lead to high electrical loading.

In honor of National Battery Day, here is a checklist to help ensure that your car keeps running ‘til spring:

  1. Have your car battery tested twice a year—batteries usually last three to five years, and need to be checked for voltage, corrosion, and terminal connection. As a precaution, be sure to carry some jumper cables just in case!
  1. In the event of colder temperatures, start your car the night before and one hour before you need to leave. This will not only let you know your car will start, but will fully charge your battery.

We at Palmetto Ford hope these tips help your batteries get through the cold and into the great weather to come!

National Battery Day

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