Ford Considers Producing Chevrolet Bolt EV Rival

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It looks like the Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle is going to have some tough competition—Ford Tough, to be exact. According to Automobile magazine, Ford is looking to produce a Chevrolet Bolt EV rival that will turn the all-electric segment on its head.

There are very few details about Ford’s plans, but we can guess that the vehicle’s details will be similar to the Chevrolet Bolt. Currently, the Bolt is set to offer over 200 miles of electric driving with a sticker price of $30,000. Ford is currently known as one of the leading “green” powertrain manufacturers, thanks to its terrific, fuel-efficient EcoBoost engine lineup. It’s likely that the American carmaker’s Chevrolet Bolt rival will outshine the competition with ease.

Ford is remaining silent on the matter, but Automobile magazine predicts the carmaker will might unveil the electric vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. Until then, make sure you stop in to Palmetto Ford to see what other fuel-efficient vehicle options Ford has to offer!

Chevrolet Bolt EV Rival

Chevrolet Bolt – will Ford create a rival?

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