Kansas City Assembly Plant Starts Making F-150s to Meet Customer Demand

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The Dearborn Truck Plant already has three production shifts solely devoted to making the all-new 2015 Ford F-150. And it’s still not enough. Ford has made a truck so good—it’s the lightest, strongest, most efficient, and most powerful Ford F-150 ever—that the brand is having trouble meeting the incredible customer demand. Obviously, it’s a good problem to have—and it’s also a problem with an easy solution for Ford.

You see, the Kansas City Assembly Plant has recently begun production of the Ford F-150 in addition to the Dearborn Truck Plant. The Kansas City plant makes all models and cab configurations, plus it also builds special F-150s with big cargo boxes and heavier payloads to please commercial customers. “The all-new F-150 has surpassed our expectations – setting new standards for full-size truck capability, technology and efficiency,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford president, The Americas. “With production starting at Kansas City Assembly, we are better poised to start meeting growing customer demand for our pickup.”

Hinrichs and Ford knew they had to do something since the F-150 was only staying on lots for an average of 15 days in January and February. In other words, it was experiencing demand four times higher than the industry standard. With the Kansas City plant now helping, that demand should be more easily met. Still, if you want an F-150 of your own, we’d advise you to hurry in to see us at Palmetto Ford today!

Kansas City Assembly Plant

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