Best Drive-In Theaters in South Carolina

best drive-in theaters

There’s nothing like pulling up to the silver screen outside and watching it from the comfort of your vehicle. Nostalgia, great food at the concession stand, and a night out with loved ones make the experience of going to a drive-in unlike anything else. Unfortunately, the best drive-in theaters in South Carolina are all likely to be a decently long drive due to the fact that most of them have been closed or demolished. Still, for the experience, it is every bit worth the inconvenience.  If you’re headed from Charleston to any of these theaters, make a plan for a day trip with the family!

Monetta Drive-In Theater

This theater, about a two-hour journey away from Charleston, almost succumbed to a market shifting away from drive-ins when it was restored in 1999. It is free for anyone 11 and under, and $5 admission for anyone over the age of 11. Keep in mind this theater is only open on the weekends.

Hwy 21 Drive-In Theater

Even further away than Monetta, this Beaufort theater is about three hours away. This one’s impressive, as it expanded its capacity to 500 cars and runs every night, year-round. Weeknights are single features, while weekends are double features.

In conclusion, we’d like to give an honorary mention to the three best drive-in theaters that were once in Charleston, but were closed or demolished: Victory Downs Drive-In, Magnolia Drive-In, and 4-Mile Drive-In. The demand for these theaters may have diminished, but they’re still a great, fun novelty to enjoy with the family.

Classic Restaurants In Charleston From Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives

diners, drive-ins, and dives

Everyone loves Guy Fieri on DD&D! Check out some of the places he visited in Charleston, SC. Taken by Wendy Berry. No changes. Copyright 2007.

TV Food Maps is a site that investigates restaurants seen on TV, and they have a particular section on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives – which, coincidentally, covers the full range of where we like to take our classic muscle cars for a cruise. If you have a nice vintage car and you’re looking for a suitable place to cruise in your old-school Mustang, check out these recommendations pulled right from the site’s TV-approved archives.

Fuel Cantina

Located inside an old, refurbished gas station, this restaurant is championed by a young chef who dazzles with unique fare benefiting from a Caribbean twist.

Early Bird Diner

You can’t go wrong with this one: a mom-and-pop diner inspired by good ol’-fashioned Southern heritage.

Glass Onion

True Southern cuisine rears its deliciously unhealthy head at this restaurant, which features favorites like the pork loin po’ boy or the crispy chicken leg.

Dixie Supply

Another breakfast joint, you might find some creative dishes tucked in between the traditional favorites on the menu, like a delectable shrimp BLT.

Tattooed Moose

This husband-and-wife duo claims they specialize in “all things bird,” so if you like poultry or duck, you should probably give this a shot.

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives continuously updates as more cool hang-out joints appear on the Charleston, SC map, so keep an eye on them in the future!

Attend the Scottish Games in Charleston This September

Scottish Games in Charleston

Kicking off on September 15th, the Scottish Games are bound to leave a lasting image in your mind. A rather unique event, the Scottish Games feature a variety of activities that span several days. With the addition of live entertainment, the enjoyment factor can only go up. Designed with attendees of all ages in mind, there’s something for everyone!

The Scottish Games kick off with a Scotch Whiskey tasting at Gage Hall. On September 16th, the Tartan Ball offers a classy atmosphere with a live band and heavy hors d’oeuvres (which are reason enough to go if you ask us). After that, the real entertainment starts.

The piping and drumming competition is one of the largest in the southeast. When it comes to heavy athletics, no people perform quite like the Scottish. The sheaf toss, stone of strength, and caber toss will all be performed by both professionals and amateurs. Shortly after, Scottish dancing presents a different take on the culture.

Saturday brings the after-party and Sunday closes things out with the Kirkin o’ the Tartan. Rathkeltair and Carroll Brown will take the stage with live music straight out of Scottish culture through the Scottish Games.

There are games, crafts, and culture for children as well as an appearance by Ronald McDonald. Children will also be able to watch Border Collie demonstrations.

We here at Palmetto Ford encourage you to attend the Scottish Games in Charleston come this September!